Thursday, 29 January 2009

Challenge Cup Wk 6

The end is nigh and this week 4 teams had to come to terms that they wouldn't be in this years final.

Stirland Blitz (1) 2 VS The Blackfire Pass Thunderers (0) 0

The top 2 teams met in the cold of a blizzard, the Blitz decided to receive and as has been expected moved their infamous cage down field in the early going and were able to make a break down the side line for an early score.

The Thunderers had 5 turns to score and although the footing wasnt causing them problems, the inability to pick up the ball or cause any serious damage to the humans hampered their progress and they were unable to level it up at the half.

The 2nd half began with a Blitz from the Blitz! As the Dwarf head coach held his head in his hands the ball was snatched by the Humans and they began to move down field.
Having to consolidate their position the Stirlanders switched sides of the field and made a break away leaving the stunties struggling to chase them down field.

It was 2-0 soon after and with very little time left on the clock the Thunderers were unable to pull a score back

With the win the Blitz secured themselves a place in the final but their adversaries will not be decided until next week.

Orcago Boars (0) 0 Vs The Coffin Dodgers (0) 0

After a resounding win last week the Orcs were looking to push themselve in to hope of getting a final place, in their way was the only team yet to win.

In a what turned into a mass brawl neither team could carve open a definative scoring chance. Although the Coffin Dodgers were reduced to only a handful of players and the 1st half ticked way, unable to capitalise on the lack of numbers the Orcs settle for a 0-0 half time score line.

The 2nd half was more of the same with punches being traded and the Undead being generally on the receiving end of it all, several cooky attempts to score ended in failure, even the 4 6's rolled to attempt a super long bomb dodge affair couldnt help the Dodgers.

After much pushing and shoving the match was over and as it ended goaless both teams left the field of play knowing their chances of a final spot were gone.

Boomtown (0) 2 VS The Amazonian Red Tide (0) 0

The Rats met the Ladies in a Yo-Yo of a match with the ball going from end to end constantly until one team managed to grab a win.

The speed of the Skaven surprised the ladies of the Red Tide but the unexpected nature of the Amazonians made it difficult for the rats to concentrate.

The 1st half ended scoreless and both teams attempted complex plays in order to score that didnt come off.

The 2nd half was a similar affair with the ball going from one end to the other, in and out of the crowd and strange and surprising plays being tried by each team. The Skaven eventually pulled it together and took the lead half way through the 2nd half.

As the Amazons tried to tie the score up they were once again undone by the sneaky rats and in the final turn of the 2nd half the Skaven took a 2-0 lead

A loss for the ladies stopped them from having any chance of reaching the final but with a win the rats of Boomtown took 2nd place and a strong chance of going tothe final.

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