Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Foward Eorlingas!!

War of the Ring is coming and I'm getting prepared!

We had a bash at the Lord of the Rings strategy game when it came out. Maybe there was a flaw in the way we played but each game ended up with a line of troops pushing each other back and forth and not a lot of action. We pretty much unanimously decided this wasn't the game for us.
We maybe should have played a much more scenario based game but I think we all wanted to play out the massed battles from the films/books. This is, for me, the reason I'm in this hobby in the first place having read and been inspired by the books many, many years ago.
The Battle of Five Armies and Helms Deep in particular interested me.
I kept the faith and hung onto my models hoping for a massed battle game to be developed for LOTR, the rest of the lads sold up!

Now War of the Ring is on the horizon and it looks like my faith is going to be rewarded!
All accounts so far rate the game highly.
With this in mind whilst digging about my cupboard for something (forget what, I got distracted!) I came across a bag containing some Rohan warriors undercoated black and abandoned about the time we gave up on the original game.
I thought "I reckon I could dip them and get them done in no time".
Roughly 2 hours of work later (spread out with drying times) we have these:

Still need a blast of Matt varnish (next time you're passing Mr Walters!) but essentially done and happy with the result!!
Just another 40 to go and 50 riders and I'll have an army!! *sigh*

Usual blah blah re: picture quality. Probably something to do with lighting etc, who knows!


  1. lets see something then big boy!

  2. BLIMEY!
    Let me finish the post first!!

  3. Heh heh

    Wish I hadnt sold it now, would have had a good 1500pt army.

    Never mind Add an army to the list for the future, after the


  4. good dipping.

    I only sold the boxed stuff have the other figures, somewhere. Not enough to make a company let alone an army.

    Looking forward to the book