Saturday, 9 January 2010

Howdy Sports Fans

Good evening everyone my names is Broken Horn; I am your local representative for Wilhelm Hygel the Empire wide betting franchise.  I run an honest book and give the best odds on any game including the Lone Wolves Challenge Cup. So if you are feeling lucky come and see me before the games start each week.  I can extend lines of credit but please be sure that late payment will have significant consequences.

Here are the odds I am offering for the opening round


  1. Now may knowledge of odds isnt great but doesnt that mean a bet on Saurian Storm, Orcland Raiders or Bearded Clams is not profitable?

  2. no, you just make less profit for a greater bet.

    rather than bet 1 get 4 back on a win, you bet 7 and get 3 back

    plus your stake.

  3. I dont have 1 let alone 7 and im not into loans

  4. you don't need 7, it could be 1k or 10k