Tuesday, 19 January 2010

A Storm is Brewing

"Well sports fans, this years Lizard entry has just arrived for the 2010 Lone Wolves Tournament. Posing for fans and media alike outside the press conference, they certainly look eager and ready for the challenge. Good job too as they'll be facing off against the dwarves in the first round"

"Yes Jim, they'll need all the luck they can get to get through the first round unscathed but if they don't, at least McMurty's will have a plentiful supply for their Skink on a Stick special..mmm, I'm off to get one."


  1. Looking good.

    You need to paint a few spare Skinks up, well you'll need them for week 2

  2. A little harsh I feel. I am very grateful to Zed for doing the Saurus and the Krox but I put one hell of a lot of effort into the Skinks, Shoulder Pads, Apoth and bases.