Thursday, 21 January 2010

Lone Wolves Challenge Cup 2010 Week 1 - Results

Well after many delays due to snow and ice the 3rd annual challenge cup finally got under way. For the 1st time ever in the history of the league 4 games were happening at the same time. This does make it a little difficult to give full match reports but I'll go with what I heard and saw and make some stuff up.

The Invaders 2 - 1 The Storner Stoneheads. (Attendance 17,000)

The return of the Invaders after their wooden spoon winning performance of challenge cup year one took on the Stoneheads. The Chaos dwarfs were a collection of out of retirement players from the 1st challenge cup winning Purple Helmets and rookies from the minor leagues.
A slow paced match saw Invaders score a late 2nd half touchdown to secure the win. The now unbeaten in 2 games Invaders (last game of season 1 and this game) rejoiced as star Bull Centaur Bishop had his ribs broken by the ferocious Invader fans midway through the 2nd half. Bishop is unlikely to return for next week against the Fangorn Rangers

Warpstone Wanderers 1 - 2 Orcland Raiderz. (Attendance 23,000)

The Rookie Warpstone Wanderers faced off against the Orcland Raiders in a one sided battle. The Orcs took an swift 2-0 lead and racked up the casualties in this brutal affair.
As the Orcs rejoiced knowing they had the rats beaten, something magical happened. Chanting from the terraces the Wanderer fans began to give their team tips on how to score, tactics and special plays. Bemused by the home teams support the Orcs lost their way a little and the Skaven managed to pull one TD back before the Orc head coach managed to get his team's heads back in the game.
Sadly not only did the Wanderers lose their 1st competitive game but they also lost long time fan Ray who was flattened in an Orc sandwich. Amusingly not only did he die in a sandwich this is also where Ray ended up as he became the after match snack for the Raider'z Troll Graz Nullhug

Coffin Dodgers 1 - 0 Fangorn Rangers (Attendance 20,000)

The Coffin Dodgers returned (from the dead?) to their 2nd challenge cup after winning the wooden spoon last year. They took on the newly formed (and newly disbanded?) Fangorn Rangers.
A lot of talk had the Wood Elves favourite and a lot of money had been rumoured to change hands. The Undead had other plans though and with the luck that only witchcraft can grant you proceeded to pound the elves into the dirt.
Fans were left disappointed when the game was abandoned at 1-0 just after the start of the 2nd half as head coach of the Rangers decided that it was better to retreat and lick his teams wounds (not literally) rather than lose more players to the bloodbowl obituaries.
The one bit of good news from the Elf camp was that they had managed to inflict a near career ending injury (smashed collar bone -1 Str) on star Ghoul Gug-Lug. Gug will not be back next week and may find he spends alot more time warming up the bench than playing for the rest of the season.

Saurion Storm 2 - 1 Bearded Clams (Attendance 21,000)

The 2 heavy weights and favourites to take each other on in the final met in the 1st week in what turned out to be a very close and some what nail biting affair.
The 1st half was very tense with both teams taking their time to settle into new season.
The 1st half ended goal less but the Clams were a few men down. Notorious Slayer Bori, bought it at the hands of the Storms stalwart Kroxigor and star blitzer Kili was sent off for fouling.
The foul was not all for nothing as it did briefly end the life of a Saurian skink, only for him to be revived by the team medic.
The 2nd half saw all the action, the Dwarfs scored early on with a long run from Fili but the Storm quickly replied with a swift skink combination.
The game looked to be going to a draw with 2 turns remaining but after blitz and a unbelievable dodge from a Saurus the Storm managed a last turn TD to win the game.

Slayer Bori - Bearded Clams
Lineman Ray - Warpstone Wanderers

Week one league
(tie breakers are 1st - td differential, 2nd casualty differential 3rd team rating (lowest 1st)

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