Friday, 29 January 2010

Five Alive O

‘‘Good evening sports fans and welcome to the Lone Wolves
Challenge Cup. Well the crowds may have been disappointing
tonight as they start to wander away from the stadium but we’ve
had some entertaining Blood Bowl this evening and one or two
surprises. So for those of you just in from the local tavern here’s
a few comments from Bob. Over to you Bob Bifford"

“Thanks Jim. Well there was some top class entertainment tonight
but not much was seen on the pitch I don’t know where the
Fangorn Rangers new coach is from but I doubt he’ll last the season
if the fans don’t do something about him the bookies may well do."

"I think you’re right Bob but that’s not the only upset of the night with
both the league favourites, the Clams and the Storm, languishing in mid table mediocrity "

"Well I dare say we’ll see some changes to both those teams next week but
until then Jim I’ll be heading over to the ‘Mummies Fist’ for a few beers with the dodgers”

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