Thursday, 28 January 2010

Lone Wolves Challenge Cup 2010 Week 2 - Results

Week 2 is over and done with, didn't get as much chance to look over all the games so the reports will be short and sweet

Orcland Raiders 1 - 1 Invaders. (Attendance 19,000)

A close fought contest which saw both teams big guys spend a lot of time standing around doing nothing, especially the Chaos Minotaur who spent most of his time in the KO'd box
The latter part of the 2nd half was spent with both teams failing to get a grip on the ball and as time ran out neither team could grab it off the floor.
The final kick of the game was to the Raiderz troll, who had to regenerate to avoid missing a crunch encounter with the Bearded Clams

Fangorn Rangers 3 - 1 Storner Stoneheads (Attendance 7,000)

A poor fan turn out missed a classic as the Rangers grabbed 2 late scores to rack up the biggest amount of TD's in one game so far.
Whilst the game was still 1-1 the Rangers head coach could be seen handing in his P45, but after a big victory he has changed his mind and will be back next week to face the Invaders. One onlooker said that he heard the Elf coach say he'd be on the Wine next week so you better watch out Chaos scum!!

Bearded Clams 2 - 0 Warpstone Wanderers (Attendance 17,000)

The Clams made it look harder than it should have been finally scoring their 2nd late in the game. At half time it looked as if the rats could be in trouble with only 7 players on the pitch against the dwarfs 10.
The 2nd half wasn't all good news for the Wanderers as one of their Gutter Runners was killed and a 2nd TD was scored. As the game ended the rats could only field 4 players, with the rest of their team KO'd or injured.

Saurion Storm 1 - 2 Coffin Dodgers (Attendance 17,000)

A close game saw the Undead pull off a victory which sees them head the table after week 2. After taking the lead the Dodgers were dragged back to 1-1 at the half.
Unphased the Coffin Dodgers managed to score a 2nd against the head to secure a momentous victory.


2 more deaths this week brings the total to 4 in 2 weeks,RIP Roger from the Warpstone Wanderers and Denahi 'Night' Butt of the Invaders

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