Friday, 30 March 2012

Gaming Tourettes

We are the home of gaming tourettes, it says so at the top of the page.   What do we mean?  Well perhaps it is time for an explanation. 

It doesn't as perhaps you may first imagine refer to the outbursts of swearing that can accompany our Wednesday night gaming session although there are many, some comprehensively colourful, near a professional examples. What it refers to those comments that originate outside of the game and in particular outside from any of the players.  Gaming tourettes comes from a well meaning but insensitive onlooker or as often from someone experiencing a lull in their own game.

Often thinly veiled as a question or blurted out before any mental filtering can take place they can give a player an advantage or save them from their own failures at generalmanship.

"Did you mean to leave the objective unguarded?" or "If you reform and angle toward the bridge you will be out of charge range next turn" are typical examples.  The worst of all 'Touretting' comes in the last moments of the last turn and it is some advice that snatches a draw or, worse still, a win from defeat.

Correcting a rule or a stat line is perfectly fine even encouraged but we all learn more from our defeats than our victories

Touretting will get you the wizards hat (not to be confused by a wizards sleeve which is another topic) to mark you as tea maker for the 21:30 and 22:30 breaks.

If you have any comments lets hear them


  1. You should change the font and re order the heading, you'd get more comments then

    Fonting tourettes!

    I'm glad we have a mechanism for dealing with outbursts now (tea hat!) as it get out of hand. Yes, I've had my moments!
    I think we may need to instigate a "if you finish with the hat, you start next week with hat" rule. I've noticed a lot of post 10:30 comments that warrant the hat but a blaise "well there won't be another tea round now" attitude. Needs stamping out!

    1. yes it does need stamping out. Maybe not start with the hat but you roll only 1d6?

  2. Starting with the hat the following week would be problematic if you're not there the following week. Either roll 1D6 or roll 3 pick the lowest 2 ( a double six in the three stil counts as auto hat)?

    Oh and thanks for the photo!