Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Taking the Hiss

Shaman Goomba sat in the shade of the small copse of trees, back propped against a rock and an ominously hissing wicker basket next to him.
His red eyes were wide open and drool ran from his slack jaw.

“Boss, boss!!” a large, scarred and heavily tattooed savage orc ran towards the trees from the direction of the nearby orc camp. “Boss?”
Goomba’s head slowly turned to point in the direction of the orc although his eyes pointed to somewhere else entirely.
Slowly the shaman’s jaw moved, “Wazzzzz zuppp, Blagggggrottttt?”
The Orc identified as Blagrot looked quizzically at the Shaman, “Scouts say metal humies trying to cross da river. Red boyz
Hmmm, Red boyzzzz, red byzzz, bzzzzz”, the shaman waved his hand around in front of his face as if warding off a fly.
Blagrot sighed, shifted his weight slowly on his feet before grunting, “Big Boss say we go fight the Red boyz, they don’t cross our river”
Righhttt, rigghhtt, be right witch ya”, Goomba reached into the wicker basket and pulled out a large brightly coloured snake, gripping it around the head so the fangs stuck out, “just one more hiss”
Goomba jabbed the snake’s fangs into his arm “awwhhhhhh” he exhaled, leaning back against the rock some more, eyes rolling.

A guttural sound of disgust issued from Blagrot before he turned and ran back towards the orc camp, clashing his weapons loudly over his head and screaming at top of his lungs.

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