Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Dark Elves: Victory at what price?

Lord Elfrith gazed into the fire his eyes unfocussed.  His mind recounting the battle and victory over the empire soldiers earlier that day.  His recollection of his spearmen being tossed into the air as enemy shells burst amongst their ranks was broken as the witches screamed and cavorted somewhere off to his right.  He had no idea what they were so happy about; a good number of them had been crushed under the broad wheels of the clanking, wheezing war engine that seemed so comical as it blundered across the field.

He called to his Valet “Risca where is Lady Esbete?
“She rests Sire” the Valet replied, “The winds were capricious and she nearly burned whilst battling the human wizard”
Lord Elfrith grunted “Leave her for the moment but have her attend me when she is able”
The moment of her triumph was still visible as an after image whenever he blinked; a dancing purple blot swam across his vision.  The burst of magic that momentarily eclipsed the noon day sun blinding her Pegasus and immolating the human wizard and his attendants; it was only by luck she cheated death herself.
Staring once more into the fire Lord Elfrith called after Risca “When you return bring me some more wine and a girl, no, two girls” pausing to toss his cigar onto the fire he stepped within his tent and shouted “and a clean boy”

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