Monday, 26 March 2012

Print on Demand?

With army books/codices/rulebooks etc constantly being updated and re newed would you be interested in a subscription type affair where you could download new and updated rulebooks on demand?

This would mean FAQs etc could be incorporated directly into these books without waiting for a new edition. Rules and points values could be changed instantly if something was way out of line (*cough* puppet *cough).

Exactly how do to this is another matter but in theory would you opt for a "print on demand" rulebook?



  1. I already subscribe to a similar system on wargame vault, using pdf rulebooks and I think it's great. Other benefits to having pdf rules include being able to print out a5 copies for tournaments, or choosing to print only the sections that you find relevant, such as army lists.

    Some rules authors will issue an update if they make any changes in the light of feedback/experience, and the updated rules are free to download if you already own a copy of the original ruleset. It's a great idea, and I would love to see some of the big names in the wargaming world do something similar.

    However, mentioning no names, I reckon certain companies would have to make us pay through the nose for a subscription, or for each update as they would lose a lot of money from the sale of their printed material. So it could end up as six of one, half a dozen of the other...

  2. Good feedback Mr Papa.
    I think it could work too but you're right, the costing is very important.
    I do like having a nicely bound book though!

    1. Lucky i have access to a A0 colour plotter and a spiral binder. I love a book but would try it

  3. My friend has scanned his rules onto his notebook, allowing him to check the rules right on the small computer right there. It would be cool to download rules right to the iPad or something like that...

    However, I agree with the above- I prefer a book myself... There's just something about flipping through the pages for me...

    1. Pretty clever stuff but if it all goes wrong would you throw your notebook across the room or consider smacking your opponent in the face with it?

      Books they'll always have a place at the gaming table ;o)

    2. One of our number (hey, Cyrus!) did have the Bloodbowl rules on his kindle. That proved quite useful.
      I think I'm still on the side of books but if the option went away (curse you sustainability!) I think I'd cope.
      Or have a breakdown.......