Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Lettsby Avenue

Pleased with myself for finishing my first two terraced houses for zombie apocalypse gaming.  It's a laser cut MDF building from the Warbases VBCW (Very British Civil War) range.  I'll be buying more of these soon, and using Broken coffee stirrers to board up the ground floor windows/doors to add a bit of variety.

I've made the windows look dirty and dusty, like on my wrecked cars.  It does strike me as a bit odd with most scenery in that type of game that people tend to paint the buildings as if they are in pristine condition.  If you've got time to wash your windows in the zombie apocalype, you're not prioritising properly!

So, here's a view of the now defunct Shieldcorp social housing initiative from the front:

And a picture taken from the back garden (nb:  This kit does actually come with a back yard for each house, but I haven't bothered with it here):

Oh!  Here comes the winner of the "Miss Zombie 2012" beauty pageant, Murgatroyd Higginbotham.  Let's see what she has to say:

"Graaaarrrr!  Muuuuuuuh....Hhhhhuuuuuhhhhnnnn......"  Thank you Murgatroyd.  Some chilling socio-economic insights to take away with us, there.


  1. Loving your work, as always Big P!

    Murgatroyd reminds me of someone but I just cant put my finger on who...

  2. Norks!

    28mm? Do the do 15mm?

    Excellent as always and a dab of humour

    1. looked again and the buildings are very well done

      oh and you could hang your hat on nips like that

  3. Heh heh. Thanks guys. Don't get too attached to ole Murg, Zed. She's a conversion I made by sculpting a pair of boobs on a Mantic male zombie.

    Scale-wise, I can probably make a 15mm version, if you'd like. I've got some Xyston dollies around here somewhere :)

  4. hahahaha!
    You sculpted boobs!! Good work!
    Spend much time looking at source material?
    I have, just not got around to the sculpting part yet.....

  5. Ha! I nearly spat coke over my screen trying not to laugh at that one Lordy!

    Without waxing too lyrical, I hope I achieved a look that was more Oxfam advert than porn star on Murg...

    1. Just realised that you probably meant 15mm buildings, Zed. And yep, Warbases do 15mm buildings. This URL should do the trick if you copy it into your browser:

    2. I did but now you mention it. 15mm zombie boobs. Ggrrrruuugh