Tuesday, 28 August 2012

I've got Mortar show you...

A mixed bank holiday here in the good ol' UK meant that I had more time than expected to paint little Americans.

First up are the remaining MGs and a couple of mortars

 Then come all the other bits and bobs found on the smaller bases, this lot contains mainly command bases and bazookas. I'll be adding a map or something to the table for artillery guys at a later date.

I've ordered the last of the decals I need to finish off my initial 2000pts of armoured Americans, and once they are here and on my remaining vehicles I'll do an army wide shot for you all.

Next on the painting table will be some 28mm Germans, ready for a bit of Bolt Action...


  1. swift painting tall bloke!
    Look good too, thank god you didn't paint em pink!