Wednesday, 29 August 2012

New Venture

We at the lonewovles over the last 2 years have really expanded the the games we play, when i first started gaming with the gang 3 years ago (wow, time goes fast!) we would only play GW produced games.
Now we play a range of games, from FOW, SAGA, the up and coming bolt action WW2 game, and there is talk of even more.

One game I came across early on in my hobby was War Machine, it was a game however that i never heard any of the guys mention, so I assumed they had tried it and not liked it like LOTR.
It turns out however I  was wrong and in fact binx was interested in playing too, so for my birthday i decided to purchase the starter set.

The contents are good, enough models (17) in order to get used to how to play, all plastic too which i was pleased about! along with dice and mini rule book etc. 

I am looking forward to learning how to play, nervous as i have never been the teacher always been the student....but im sure i will be fine....hopefully mean i might get some more green in the "non" league! :-D


  1. I reckon you guys are going to love Warmachine, Elliot. It's a fast game with a lot of fun elements, and the various factions play very differently. One of my favourite things about it is focus, and the choices it forces on the player. Needless to say, I'll be happy to bring my Khador or fledgling Cygnar force down for a game next time I'm in Bristol :)

  2. You learn it, I'll play it but I'm not keen on the models!