Monday, 27 August 2012

Mordheim, Normandy.....

Bank Holiday weekend.
That extra day to get stuff done and really enjoy yourself!
Or just an extra day of chores.

I managed to get a bit of hit and run hobby in this weekend with some terrain painting.

Cortez has knocked up some ruined houses with an eye on a Mordheim campaign at some point, which I'm all for.
He didn't want to paint them though so I've volunteered to have a go at least at some.

First a quick hobby tip:
Painting scenery can use a lot of paint. Over the years I've taken to using tester pots from DIY superstores. The range of colours these days is vast and can easily match your chosen model paint range (I wouldn't advocate painting your models with them though!).
I recently restocked from Wickes as they're testers were on buy one get one free.

This little lot for a tenner

Some great names in there, Grizzly is going to be pretty useful as a dark brown base. A great place to start for most terrain.

Here's what I've produced this weekend. A bit rough and ready (photo too!) but they'll do the job

And as they are likely to pull double duty for WW28mm games here they are with a squad of soviets in position


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