Sunday, 19 August 2012

Objective: Rifles

Well, after a little delay in getting hold of some US Armor spray, I am back painting little Americans.

The vehicles are all done, well they will be once they get their decals, so I have moved on to the infantry.

First batch done, I present to you, 10 bases of rifles; once the whole force is done I may go back and a few tufts to give the ground some height.

As well as the rifles, I have also finished my first objective.

This little vignette shows one lucky American changing the tyre ( or should it be tire) on his Jeep, whilst his colleague radios through asking for help. Meanwhile fellow soldier looks on impatiently.

Next on the paint station are another 10 bases of LMGs, HMGs and mortars, a 2nd objective is yet to be built but I have a few ideas floating about.