Saturday, 11 August 2012

Panzerbrigade - Panther A/G

With both Blood Guts & Glory and Devils Charge released and Nuts out soon, it once again provoked my thoughts of joining the Ardennes offensive and making a dash through the Belgian forrests. Binx has most of his Amercian armoured rifles painted so I will soon have an opponent for a series of linked or narrative games in the next few weeks. Hopefully I will be able to put up a couple of battle reports when the time comes

As a starting point I, like many others it appears, read the article in Wargames Illustrated and thought 'Hmmm a lot of cheap Panthers could be fun' so collected up the tanks I had in my drawer waiting for my attention and added some extras.  Next I looked at the other Heer and SS units I have in my collection and satisfied myself I didn't need to buy much right now as I have plenty of choice.  The only real gap was armoured AA.  After a lot of deliberation I bought four Mobelwagon.  Partly based on the 3.7cm gun over the 2cm gun of the Wirbelwind and also Cyrus has some that I could borrow if I wished.

A bit of research on camouflage for the period, not a lot I admit, and I had found a visually appealing and historically acceptable scheme (top) and here they are below. They are a mixture of Battlefront and Plastic Soldier Company figures they look fine together in my opinion

With Jochen Peiper and his Kampfgruppe stimulating my interest further I may be adding some Grilles and fearsome K√∂nigstiger later this year.  I will have to sell off a bit more surplus to fund any expansion

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