Thursday, 10 January 2013

Brutey and the Beast

Its finally done, I've finished my Helbrute, thus concluding all the painting from the 40k starter box.

Turns out it is a lot purpler that the rest of my Slaanesh, but for once I'm not going to get al OCD about it, unless it really gets on my wick in the future.

Next on my paint station; more WW2 BA Germans


  1. Looks good to me. When I see these models, the fleshy bits always make me think 'eeeerrrrgh!', and somehow, the skintone you've used has increased the effect. Creepy.

    I like that purple. Doesn't seem worth changing imho. It's not too different to the rest of your force, is it?

  2. Cheers Big P.

    It is a lot purpler than my other stuff which is more pinky, take a look back into the history books. I wont be changing it unless I have a sudden rush of blood to the head near a pot of testicle pink....

  3. Looks very similar colour in photo form. I'm sure it'll be fine on tabletop.
    The auto cannon is well done too

    Thank God you didn't put a cock on it.....