Sunday, 6 January 2013

What I got for Xmas

I realised that I haven't posted anything on here for ages, so here's part of my xmas present from Kim - a box of Wargames Factory's "Zombie Vixens".  I noticed that because I've mostly been converting Mantic zombies, all of my zombies have been male, and mostly bald-headed, except Murgatroyd (who has been added to one picturein order to show how they scale with the rest of my collection), so these gals will add a bit of much-needed variety.

Apologies if the pics look a bit odd - I've been tinkering with aperture settings and shutter speed on the camera to try and get some nicer snaps.  Still in the experimental stages with that.  Anyhoo, here goes:

This final guy is a fatty from the Zombicide board game.  Couldn't resist adding him to the zombie parade.

Since finishing these guys, my hobby painting has dropped to pretty much the usual levels - priming and promising to paint.  So it'll probably be a while before I post anything further,  although I did finish off the base of the zombie in the red dress since taking these photos.  This brings my current total of completed zombies to 16.  Hopefully, once I find some suitable survivors, I'll be rounding the horde up to it's first landmark total of 20 painted models.  Then I'll start working my way though the unfinished zombie model mountain I've accumulated.


  1. Great work papa!
    Have you got a copy of zobicide?its looks ace! Ive seen a few games played on the web.
    Where did you get your copy from?

  2. Thanks Elliot. I got my copy of zombicide as a perk for supporting the zombicide kickstarter. It's a really nice game, which can turn the tables on you in an instant, for example with extra zombie activations, or zombies spawning from street areas with manhole covers on the turn of a card. The only drawback to my mind is the sheer size of the playing area - it took up most of the space on out dining table.

    If you fancy playing a game, remind me to bring the box down next time I warn everyone I'm coming to Bristol for a few days.

  3. Looking gorgeous as ever.

    Bring it on down next time you're in town

  4. excellent as always

    when you down in the west country next? it would be good to see you, perchance to play

    1. Thanks for the comments guys.

      Zed, I was here for a couple of days over xmas, but that wasn't a propitious occasion for me to gatecrash :) Wish I had now, as I'm not sure when I'll be down next. We usually come down in March, but our own austerity measures may prevent that (Kim's contract may or may not be renewed in March, so we'll have to be extra frugal if the worst happens).

      If we can't travel in March, it will likely be sometime between April and August, when we've been able to build up a travel fund, or if I've done well. I'll give everyone fair warning via email, though!

  5. Those are nice models and great paint jobs.

    I know its a miniatures game, but it sounds similar to the board game Last Night On Earth. Is it similar (with zombie activation cards and such it sounds like it may have similarities).

    Also, what size are those models? Are they on scale for 40K (always looking for more Plague Zombies)?


    1. Hi Prof. I've heard of, but haven't played LNOE, so I can't be sure about comparing it with Zombicide. So here's some of the mechanics to help you judge how similar they are (the rulebook is available as a free download on the Guillotine Games website if you want a good look at them). Basically, zombies get an activation like players, but are generated by cards. Some cards don't generate extra zombies, but instead allow extra activations, so it's worth keeping some distance if you can. Players will increase in level according to how many zombies they kill, and the player level affects how many zombies are generated, and the likelyhood of more dangerous (runner, fatty or abomination) zombies appearing.

      Size-wise, I'm holding a zombicide zombie alongside the Dark Angels captain from the 40k box, and he's actually a fraction taller than the marine (not including helmet wings). So I guess they are about 35mm scale, and wouldn't recommend using them in 40k. The females are a wee bit smaller than the marine, standing at roughly nostril-height. They would probably work for plague zombies, considering the size of IG models. The old Wargames Factory male zombies are smaller, but poor sculpts. If you mix the legs with GW/Mantic zombies/ghouls, as I do, you can get some good zombie variants. For 40k, you could chuck the odd IG or cultist torso/arm/head into the mix for even more variety.

      Hope this has been useful for you, and I haven't waffled too much...