Sunday, 13 January 2013

My Yank Tank.....and Half-Track

While I am still plodding along with various projects, over a few different games, I am still working on getting my Bolt Action Americans ready for table warfare.
I have a few bits put together, 20 regular infantry, a medium mortar, a HMG, an LMG, Sniper team and a bazooka team. I am still planning on getting my 20 veteran troops put together, as well as a flame thrower team.

On top of all these blokes, I have put together my Sherman, it wasn't a great piece to put together, but its done now and overall I am happy with how it looks (big thanks to Zed & Lordy for the advice on the correct assembly)

Also, my Half-Track arrived this weekend, I was very excited to get open and have a look. It looks great, but there are A LOT of little tiny bits that I have no idea where they go! I am slightly disappointed that the warlord vehicles don't come with any instructions, especially with the amount of tiny bits that come with the model. Still, it'll get done, and hopefully it'll look good....if not I'll just slop super glue and greenstuff at it and make sure it doesn't fall apart!

1 comment:

  1. Crashed Zeds post, boom!
    Well constructed so far
    I like your wrecked half track.....