Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Good Life Gamer - January

So here we are in 2013.  My hobby fund is zero.  It would have been cheating to carry forward any money I had in my account.

I haven’t bought anything not surprisingly but realised whilst looking for Schimmwagen’s that I could buy things at the drop of a hat and worry about the money later.  Not now. 
I have some items on eBay, mostly old epic figures and books but also a Churchill tank and a couple of WFB Empire war machines.  I don’t see the first few weeks of the year being a great time to try and sell stuff.  We are conditioned for ‘the sale’ and want a bargain.  It used to be the ‘January sales’, then became the’ boxing day sales’ and it has now evolved into the’ we can’t wait any longer for you to come shopping so here is a desperate bid to get you spending sale’.  Maybe it will be fine after all.







Not much progress in the first week, only a couple of 12cm mortars for my Battlegroup Kursk force

Finished of my 81mm mortar for my Bolt Action British Airborne platoon; only one more section to finish and my initial purchase will be complete.  Also the Churchill tank (previous post) and I have a couple of SS infantry for test purposes







By next month I hope to have some money accrued and view to a small purchase of Elhiem figures for Force on Force.

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