Tuesday, 1 January 2013

New Year Resolutions

New Year’s resolutions

Hi my name is Frazer and I am a gaming addict.  Oh dear wrong meeting…

I have goals for 2013 like not drinking alcohol in January or taking the bike to work more often but really these resolutions are gaming specific.  I could say I will not buy anymore figures or that I will definitely finish an army.  I could just say that I will just paint what I have now, which could take a decade with no additional purchases.   However, what I will strive for is not to buy my way out of trouble; and I mean not buying a unit specifically to give me an advantage or to regain parity with my opponents.  I will endeavour to make the armies I have work as they are. 

So that’s it, my gaming resolution, learn how to fight better with what I have


  1. Hi Zed. That sounds like a fine resolution to make for 2013. It's often too easy to look into buying a new unit than think of better ways to use what you have.

    I'm crap at keeping resolutions, so I've decided not to bother this year. That way, I can have a clear conscience in December!

    1. You can't fail that