Tuesday, 12 March 2013

4Ground 28mm Detached House Assembly

This is not my first 4Ground building that I have bought and built and nor will it be the last.  The models are well made, well thought out and cohesive.  The ever increasing range covers a good number of periods and looks to continue to expand.  Even the price is ok; whilst they are not exactly cheap they are not in the same price strata as a lot of resin suppliers.

So everything is great. Ah well no, sadly not.  The instructions need some work.  Firstly there are some errors with the part labelling in the pictures, then the written dialogue trends towards scant.  The pictures are colour but they are far too small and sometimes the image appears to have been flipped.  This does prove confusing but with some looking ahead in the instructions and some dry fitting it’s manageable

On Sunday I built the 28mm Normandy detached house and an effort to ease the frustrations of others I have taken bigger pictures and added some additional description.  To help anyone who is in building the same model. Whilst the result is excellent I feel that I should have been able to do it in about 30% less time than I did.

I give it 8 out 10 sash windows

For those you that are thinking of building the Semi Detached house. below are some close up shots of areas that I found confusing

 Ground floor construction
 Loop holes, the lugs for the end interior walls are tight.  Care is needed not to strip the surface off
 Stairs mostly completed.  Note the lug at the top, this is the top step into the next floor
 Staircase in situ
 Second floor interior walls.  Again these were a very tight fit
 Windows sills are easy to do
 The windows are inserted from inside.  Fit easy enough but careful placement of glue needed.  Test fit
 The roof is easy but getting the first two uprights square needs some support while drying

 Two part part chimney
decided on a short chimney
 Close up of the doors.  The handles are very tight and I did break a door
SS soldier for scale.


  1. The 4Ground stuff is so nice. Their wagons look pretty good too.

    Nearly bought some 4Ground buildings at the show over the weekend, but the guy selling them was so pushy, I decided not to reward his behaviour with a sale. Sometimes buying direct online is the best option.

    Good idea to share the experience with us. I've bookmarked this post for future reference.

  2. comprehensive stuff! Maybe feed back to 4ground?

    Their carts do look good. If we get an extended Saga run it could be worth investing in them?
    Would be useful for the wild west too?!