Monday, 25 March 2013

Good Life Gamer - March

Good Life Gamer – March

Here we are again and it’s going pretty well for me, I have kept my spending to a reasonable level and within budget and I have generated a bit more money.  I haven’t spent a great deal of time on my own projects but you can’t have everything

Buying.  Since I last posted I have bought the Games Workshop Warriors of Chaos magic cards.  I have an ‘in progress’ army in my cabinet, which really means I have started it and been distracted, a lot; I will come back to it at some point.  I don’t have the WoC army book as its £30 rrp and as I’m not playing it much that’s money I feel I can spend better elsewhere.  In the past I would have just ran out and bought it on the day of release, put it on the shelf and used it about 6 months later; maybe.  The same could be said of the magic cards but they are only £6, and usually a limited release. I, like my gaming pals, find the cards convenient and that’s how I justified my purchase.


I then went for the Battlegroup Overlord pre order, £40 for the main rulebook, mini rulebook, and free sprue.   It did feel a bit reckless and more like the old me but it has been on my ‘ to purchase at Salute’ list pretty much since I fell in love with the Battlegroup Kursk rules at the end of 2012.  I did intend to save on the postage by picking it up at Salute however I remembered that I was StuG III short for the campaign in the Kursk book and the free single sprue cancels out the postage.   Before I committed to buying I sent an email to Will Townsend at The Plastic Soldier Company and asked if the 500 pre-orders had been fulfilled.  They hadn’t and I was now going to be in with a chance of the prize draw as well.  Perfect.

Warlord Games releases their British Armies book for Bolt Action early and with some games coming up I order it direct.  I would normally go to Amazon for this kind of purchase but there appears to be a glitch and the item is stuck at coming soon and I get the British figure which is very nice.

This neatly segues into emails and replies from companies.  When I enquire with Amazon about the problem with the British book I get an automated response with a promise to look into it.  Nothing has happened yet.  When I email PSC about the BGO pre-order prize draw I get a reply the next day and then another email following my order confirming that my request to change the free sprue from that advertised to the StuG III is perfectly acceptable.  Size does matter it seems.

Selling on eBay continues at a reasonable pace with a selection of old models and Epic bits netting me £28.  On our regular club night there is a short round of “how much do want for this?” by various friends as they take figures from cabinets and boxes.  A couple of GW figures rack up another £12

Later in the month I start on some commission painting for one of the chaps and accrue £66 for some 28mm Bolt Action SS in Plane Tree camouflage and I am then asked to continue with the Heer figures.  All this leaves me in a pretty ok position, at least for Salute.

My future projects are still the 20mm Moderns for the Force on Force Road to Baghdad. Thanks to Matt at Elhiem for the free samples, and some TBC figures for Musket and Tomahawk.  I am about 70% of the way complete on my final parachute infantry and the dilemma of support options is nearing.  Jeeps or a tank

So far it’s going well, I am able to show a lot more restraint than before and that’s even under the influence of a couple of beers.  My motivation to complete a project is renewed with some commission painting.  I really don’t feel I am missing out so far. 

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  1. Aye, you're doing well! And whilst I'm my own worst enemy your reduced spending is having a good effect on me too.