Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Random Musings...Stealth Purchase

We've all done it I'm sure; bought something that we think we won't tell our wife/partner/significant other about just to avoid "that conversation".
If you don't know what "that conversation" is then I envy you!
You just need to get your new item into your gaming/storage/painting area and it will be absorbed into the rest, no questions asked.
If you're spotted then it will be endless questions on why you need more toy soldiers rather than putting money into the holiday fund/electric meter/shopping money/apocalypse shelter budget.
You just don't need the hassle, right?

A lot of the time the postie will deliver items ordered when you're at work and kindly leaves a bright red "look, he's ordered stuff again" card for you to pick up your loot from the post office. The card alone will set up the round of questions and then when you come back from the post office with the parcel it all starts again! Nightmare.

Imagine my joy a few months back when I was the first one home and discovered one of these accussational cards on the door mat. I quickly picked it up and stuffed it into my pocket. I could go to the post office before work in the morning, pick up the parcel and sneak it into the house later! Hassle avoided! Sweet.
So arriving home the next evening I had stashed my shiny new box of Soviet anti tank guns (not even a particularly big purchase) into my laptop bag and carried it into the house, placing it in the usual spot.
We're in!
Just having the usual "Hello, I'm home" type conversation when I heard behind me;
"wass 'is?" from the boy.
I turn as the wife says "yes, what is that?"
The boy often likes to fiddle with the zips on my laptop bag, one in particular is red and appealing. This is the one that closed the pocket where I had stashed my ATGs.
Dylan was now waving this box around like his favourite rattle!
Thanks, Son!

Anyone else got a stealth purchase story?


  1. My wife has my boys trained to dob me in if I purchase anything new - doh!

    Your story made me laugh though :)

    We need to invent a can of spray on dust so they look like they have been in the cupboard for ages!

    Happy Gaming,


    1. Maybe some spray on cobwebs like you get at Halloween? Good plan!

  2. get it shipped to work?

  3. I have the good fortune of entering the house though my studio, sometimes called "the garage" by those who do not appreciate our art. So a delay of 18 seconds and any store-bought purchase is stuffed into the stack (at the back of course), where is will not be seen. Unfortunately, it also has a tendency to get forgotten with alarming regularity!

    Of course, I also have the good fortune of a wife who appreciates that a toy soldier now and then is considerably better than, say, the spontaneous purchase of a new multi-thousand-dollar large-screen TV such as some of our friends do, so I'm really dodging nothing at all. It just tastes better if it is forbidden fruit...

  4. Every now and then I can slip a purchase in if I have excess cash, as she balances the bank budget it is hard to slip an order by online unless I sell stuff on Ebay and then she has no clue how much is in the Paypal account and I just get some magic boxes in the mail. I tell her the truth, I sold some stuff, I just don't tell her how much I spent, if I sold $100 and spent $100, it was my crap in my eyes. She has no concept sometimes of the amount and so if I don't tell she rarely asks...she does complain about these magic boxes appear every so often..hehehhe, I also tell her at times I traded for some stuff also...