Monday, 11 March 2013

Check Point

As a club we're really enjoying Bolt Action, and so we continue to add more scenery to our collection.

A lot of the stuff we have is scratch built, but recently we bought some new pieces from 4ground, including a check point, which I present to you now.

The instructions weren't the best, but then again this was a very easy piece to put together. I've added some a lick of paint to the shed, and a wanted sign to one of the sign posts.

Hope you like


  1. Nice. I can take a hint about Captain America! Your sculpt will be a bit larger than the usual FOW size. But I guess he'll look suitably heroic in stature!

  2. Ha! It wasn't a dig at you Big Papa, anyway the check point is 28mm :)
    I'll look forward to seeing the captain when he's done

  3. Ah, that dig at Papa worked, eh!?!