Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Embellishing the Mantlepiece

Can't resist showing off any longer.  I was runner-up in the painting competition at the Albanich 2013 show this past weekend.  Huzzah!

Normally, I wouldn't be so happy with second place, but I entered 15mm models in the competition, which did not have separate categories for scale.  So my 15mm street thugs, which I thought would go unnoticed among the throng of larger models, did really well.

This quick snap of them is not particularly good (getting a bit too much shine off the varnish), so I'll replace it with a better one when I get time (3 of these guys are converted, btw.  I reckon one is obvious, but can you identify all three?):


  1. Good work there Big Papa.
    Unfortunately my Spidey senses have failed me and I can't work out the conversions :(

    1. Thanks Chris. I take it as a big compliment that you can't spot the conversions. Means I did a good job. I'll put you out of your misery. The conversions are the two molotov thugs, and the chainsaw thug.

      "Hoodie" molotov has had his original shotgun and left arm removed, and replaced with a scratch-built molotov (the handle of the gun was carefully trimmed to look like he has a lighter in his hand).

      Chainsaw thug had a head swap, and what was originally a shotgun holstered on his back was removed and converted into a messenger bag simply to avoid having to trim away the crossbelt on his chest. After some consideration, I couldn't resist sculpting the hockey mask on the face.

      "Grandad Trousers" Molotov thug is the one I thought would be most obvious. He is the same model as the guy with the severed head, but with the shotgun removed and turned into a bag, two new arms, a scratch-built molotov and a gas mask head from one of the Ground Zero Games separate head sprues. It's the head I thought would give the game away, because it is slightly larger than the others.

      A little bit of trivia - I based the molotov bottles on those used for the #ahem# tonic wine, Buckfast.

  2. I was gonna say those!!!
    Well done on some painting recognition!

    I wouldn't really have guessed those conversions.... maybe the gas mask dude.