Sunday, 19 October 2014

Hobby Updates

Welcome to a new regular series of posts, showing the painting and modelling that the member's of Lone Wolves have been up to during the week

First up, Zed has been busy on a number of projects, for himself and some commission work for Dave.

After a while concentrating on other games, Zed has now returned to the world of Warhammer Fantasy Battle, and has begun work on some Warriors of Chaos.

Zed's latest commission is some In Her Majesties Name figures for Dave. After destroying Binx in an intro game, Dave has decided to invest so that he can take on other Lone Wolves when he gets the chance to come on a Wednesday night.
Next up we stay in the world of Chaos, but this time is NDM's debut on the blog, as he makes his first venture into painting. Having only been enjoying the hobby for a few months NDM was hesitant about showing off his first attempt, but I'm sure we'll agree in saying for a first model its pretty good, and much like everyone else, the more painting you do, the better you will get. Nothing but good things on the horizon from NDM.

Finally a cryptic offering from Binx; that's me!. The plan this year was to finish painting everything that I have, and I'm very close to achieving that, but fancied something else. So here is the start of that 'something else', a scenic base for a one off model. Check back next week to see if it is finished.


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