Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Tuesday Discussion

Welcome to a new series of posts to encourage a mass debate, this week...

Are you a Closet Gamer?

Do you wear your gaming heart on your sleeve or do you slink about in the shadows?
There are innumerable hobbies a lot of which are embraced by the majority as acceptable even if they don’t partake of the hobby themselves.  Sports for example are played in a hobby capacity by the majority, football, golf and badminton are all seen as healthy, acceptable hobbies even if you don’t play.
Trainspotting, stamp collecting and table top war games are derided as being the fare of the geek or nerd and have a less acceptable position in the hobby league table of life.
Do you keep your hobby quiet from your friends, family and work or school friends, or do you not care of the opinion of others?
Leave a comment below and let us know your stories and thoughts.

1 comment:

  1. Well I certainly don't announce it but most people that know me are aware.
    Regarding trainspotters; the boy and I went for our usual cycle along the cycle path (well, he cycles I have to run in front to make sure he keeps moving!) at the weekend. The cycle path runs alongside the old railway which still has working steam trains. Always fun to see a big old steam engine blasting past about a metre away!
    This weekend was an end of season gala (whatever that is) and the cycle path was lined with trainspotters! Never seen so many in one place before.
    There were a lot of stereotypical people on show.
    I'm now wondering if I should become a trainspotter spotter. ...