Sunday, 26 October 2014

Hobby Updates

Has a week gone by already?

First up this week, after the picture of a smashed Dark Angel base, is the creature that is now finished.

I picked up a Carnifex when Hobby Craft were having a clear out and had 33% off Games Workshop stuff; and after finishing most of my unpainted models, I fancied a change.
Whether this will lead to any other Tyranids, I don't know, but this monster wasn't the only thing I picked up cheap that day!


Since finishing the Carnifex, I have been working on some Flames of War American tanks for Dave


Lordybloke played his first game in our new Dead Mans Hand campaign, and decided it was as good a time as any to do some more painting on his Banditos. With three down six half done and plenty more undercoated, this is going to be one big Mexican gang
Zed continues on his Warrior of Chaos painting with more warriors ready for dipping. Hopefully we'll have a completed unit(s) for you next week.

Cortez is another Lonewolf who has his fingers in many pies. As well as building WW2 models for Zed, he is also painting his Space Wolves and 15mm British for Battlegroup.

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