Monday, 13 October 2014

Showdown at Windy Springs

The outpost town of Windy Springs, sat in the bottom of Sweet Valley. The nearest city was 107 miles to the north, so visitors were rare, with even essentials like the postal service only visiting every other week.

Unlike a lot of the towns in this region of east Texas, Windy Springs didn’t have the luxury of a railroad and so all traffic was horse drawn. On a usual, hot sunny day, when the sky was cloudless, you could see visitors before they could see the town, as the dust cloud they kicked up appeared on the horizon.

Sheriff Curtis “One Shot” Stygers, know as one shot because of his inability to hold his liquor not because he was accurate with his pistol, resided over the town; and had the enviable record of one of the most crime free towns in the State.

Little did “One Shot” realise that after the events of October 15th, his sleepy little town would not be the same again….