Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Can you play too many games?

How many games do you play or own models for? How many games are played at your club?

When The Lonewolves Club started in the late 1990's we only played Games Workshop games. Warhammer Fantasy, 40k and the occasional Specialist game were the staple of our weekly meetings. This is all we knew, it was mainly fuelled buy a large number of us either working or having worked for Games Workshop.

Over the last half dozen years the spectrum of games we play has grown and grown and we now boast nearly 20 games in our portfolio.
Not everyone plays every game, some are only played by two of us and some of us have never and will never play some titles.

The first thing to change our gaming habits was the interest in World War Two gaming, and our gaming started with Flames of War. We don't play FoW any more with our 15mm WW2 gaming replaced with Battlegroup.
After a club visit to Salute, the number of games we played began in to increase quickly. At Salute we saw Saga for the first time, and after seeing a pre release version of Bolt Action we scaled up to 28mm
During 2014 the five games that as a club we played the most were, in increasing order of games played; Battlegroup, Warhammer, Dead Mans Hand, Warhammer 40,000 and Chain of Command. So you can see that although we play loads more games, we still maintain our love for Games Workshop and WW2 gaming, with a little bit of Cowboys and Indians to add some flavour.
2015 has started off in similar fashion, with only Warhammer yet to have an outing, replaced by the modern combat game Skirmish Sangin. At the end of this year we expect to add more games, with Napoleonics and Malifaux coming soon.
So to ask the questions we started with, Can you play too many games? How many games do you play or own models for? How many games are played at your club?
Let us know your thoughts in the comments. 

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  1. I think you can have too many games to play but it all comes down to personal time available. Each game needs miniatures to play and therefore be painted before you even get to time required to actually play.
    As long as the game has something different to add though I'm interested.
    I might not buy in but I'll be interested!