Sunday, 25 January 2015

Hobby round up 2015 week 4

Another week another hobby update.

Sadly not a lot to report this week, but here goes....

With Neil and Frazer looking at some Napoleonics this year, we have our first sighting of some French line fusilier figures.


 Now there may only be three of them and they may only be white, but its a start on the slippery slope to a table full of the mass regiments of French we're all looking forward to in the coming months.

Next up are some American tanks painted by Chris for Dave.

Three Jumbos and a Super Pershing this time around ready just in time for Dave to take to his next tournament.

While painting the tanks Chris also started the long and arduous journey of building 90+ Night Goblins.

23 down, loads more to go, including 60 more spear goblins, a dozen netters and clubbers and loads of spider riders.

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