Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Review of 2014

Now that 2015 is underway, its time to look back over the highlights of 2014 and remember all that hobby we did and games we played.


January was a big month for painting Germans. Chris 'finished' his 28mm WW2 force and Frazer painted some 15mm vehicles for BGK and some 28mm ones for Matt.

Chris also finished his Desperados for Dead Mans Hand and started a Dux Bellorum project
February saw the continuation of Chris's Dux B projects, and the start of the construction of an Afghan town ready for some Skirmish Sangin
We also saw Elliot and Neil play some BGK
March saw Matt buy the club a new hat, which we never really bothered with! To balance things out he also made some patrol phase markers for Chain of Command, which we do use.
Frazer painted more 15mm German tanks and Elliot added a Shaggoth and some Ogres to his Warriors of Chaos army.
In April, we played some Sails of Glory, more Chain of Command and Chris finished his Irish for Dux Bellorum.
May was quiet for hobby; Frazer showed off his 15mm British and Chris painted some 15mm Americans for Dave
In June, Chris continued to paint Americans for Dave, Elliot added more things to his Nurgle and also revealed he was working on some Tau.
Chris and Elliot also showed off the figures they had painted for A Fistful of Kung Fu
In July we began our Chain of Command campaign with the Allies taking early control.
Chris was a frenzy of painting, with more Americans for Dave, some Slaaneshi Daemons and a brand new force for In Her Majesties Name
In August, Chris continued to knock out new models at pace, finishing off all his remaining Lizardmen figures.
The Chain of Command campaign entered turn two and Fraser knocked out a 15mm Soviet force.
September saw Frazer reveal his third force for Chain of Command, and we took loads of pictures of one of our games nights, which was packed with Warhammer and Dead Mans Hand.
In October we changed the format of the blog, and Frazer for a new camera for his birthday.
Chris painted a random Carnifex, Neil painted some Banditos, Simon some Space Wolves and Frazer some Chaos Warriors
November saw us attempt the £5 challenge with carrying degrees of success, the Chain of Command campaign continued and we started a Dead Mans Hand campaign.
November saw a resurgence of 40k games amongst some of the club, however Simon's army list writing remained last minute.
The end of the year approached and as the nights drew in painting became less productive.
Wednesday games continued unabated and Simon and Chris even played a few games of Mordheim.
Well that's 2014 in review, what will the rest of 2015 bring?

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