Sunday, 11 January 2015

Hobby round up 2015 week 2

Welcome to week two of our hobby round up.

First up, originally completed last week, but just too late to post, we have some Shermans, a Cromwell and a Churchill painted by Frazer.

Next up is a work in progress shot of some Dark Eldar Scourges painted by Chris. Since this photo was taken, these five have been finished off, with only their bases to do, which will be done once the next five are finished.
The final work in progress picture for this week is from Big Papa Jon. Jon who is currently residing north of the border will be returning to Bristol in the summer and has dug out some of his Mordheim Goblins. He is preparing them for our campaign which we intend to start later this year.

An last but not least, Wednesday saw games night return. Matt and Frazer played a game of Chain of Command, which they got half way through, and Elliot and Neil played 40k. Below are a few pictures of the 40k game.

The Blood Angels deploy
Orks deployed
The end of the Baal Predator


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