Sunday, 18 January 2015

Hobby round up 2015 week 3

Week three already!?

This week its all about building things.

First up we have Simon, who has been building, err... buildings...

At last years Salute we spent a large amount of the club funds on some 4ground buildings to increase the amount of scenery in our WW2 games. Once back home in Bristol we gave them all to Simon who built them all for us.

This is the Hotel complex, including Stables which he has recently finished.
Next on his building list, is this Norse Longhouse, which we'll be using when we begin Elliot's Saga campaign.
Talking of Elliot, between writing the rules for the campaign, he has been building some reinforcements for his Warriors of Chaos Nurgle force.
With The End Times introducing some beautiful new models, a few of us have invested in some figures, which will hopefully hit the battlefield soon

1 comment:

  1. Building looks great. Could pass (with a squint) for La Haye Sainte (spellling?) for Napoleonic games!

    Blight kings (knights) are great looking models. Nice to see they've found their home sweet home too!!