Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Hobby Project Napoleonic French Army. Part 2, So how could I ever refuse

Bonjour Mes Aimee's

GCSE French used to the full!

Part 2 of my hobby project sees me whitter on about miniatures and BASING.
I'll start with the latter

Basic basing for bases

Going back to my last post and my vague knowledge of Napoleonic wargaming across my gaming life I was also aware that basing size, regulations etc was a part of it.
I think its part of the reason I avoided looking any further. So with Napoleonic gaming decided upon basing had to be tackled!

As mentioned I read various reviews on rule sets and basing was mentioned in each one.
Some rules are very strict (for example British line infantry on a smaller frontage due to their musket drills) some are much more fluid.  As I'd picked on Warhammer Waterloo this was to be my basing standard and damn the rest!  These rules have 6 (line) infantry on a 60mm X 40mm base, 2 ranks.
Then the notion of trying other rules crept back in to my head.  So current thinking is single bases or 2 to a base and place them in an appropriate movement tray (I'll be coming to you Warbases!).
If another ruleset is played, get some more appropriate movement trays!  Bingo! It'll all work out just fine........

So we have rules, we have basing sorted, what about the models?  Firstly, what scale to choose?  This wasn't an issue really. The pics/games I'd seen that hooked me were all 28mm.  Do I think its the best scale to represent Napoleonic warfare?  No!  Probably 6mm or 10mm is best to give the full weeping arc of brigades and companies clashing and I may come back to that in future!  So 28mm, but what nation?  I can't remember the process here but I chose the French because either

A) Frazer had bought some British Highlanders and I'd better get an enemy for them
B) I liked the Old Guard models and got some cheap on Ebay
C) Haven't really painted much blue!

Maybe all three!

As for manufacturer, again there are hundreds out there but plastic was a pre requisite (more for your money!) so it really came down to Victrix or Perry. Warlord have since entered the plastics market too but as I've already invested they were too late for me.  So my army will comprise of Victrix troops backed up by Perry cavalry following some Ebay and Salute purchases I have the following:

 Plenty to be going on with!

Finally I'll add some brief notes on painting as this won't be finalised until I get cracking in earnest.
However as there's going to be around 100 models for my starting army and as this is really only a "side project" the painting needs to go quickly.  My current thinking is good old dipping and this certainly worked OK on some test guard I did quite a while ago (see below) but we'll see how it works on the line troops.

That's it for now. Future updates will be via the blog WIP until I have something more significant to show!

Au revoir for now!

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