Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Where We Work

The majority of the Lone Wolves are active modellers and painters, and this is where the magic happens.

First up, Big Papa's work desk. He is currently sculpting Marian Romans and 15mm Skaven, whilst converting some Night Goblins and painting a Wood Elf Bloodbowl team.

Next is Frazers bureau with paints all racked up. A range of projects on the go including 15mm tanks, 10mm Dropzone infantry and what appears to be some chickens(?) and other livestock.

Elliot is next with his bureau (we're posh we are!) This one is a little sparse, but if you look closely you can see some Putrid Blight Knights and some Kroot.

Matts paint station is next. No idea what is currently being done on this as it appears to be stored out of the way out of reach.

Neil's paint table is next, and what can you say about it?! The streams of light highlight the wonder of organised chaos, with a multitude of projects on the go at the same time; everything from WW2 tanks to Ogres to Orks...

Another sparse table for Simon, with a handful of Crimson Fist Terminators and a Marauder Giant the most noticeable projects. The second appearance of a computer sharing the desk; could this be a distraction?

Finally is Chris's paint station, stored away when not in use, and currently on the dining table. Currently in progress are some Dark Eldar Scourges and a large collection of Night Goblins.

Where do you do your construction and painting? and do you fight for time and space with a significant other at home?

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