Sunday, 15 February 2015

Hobby Round up 2015 Week 7

After a sparse week of hobby last week, this week we have some progress on the hobby front.

First up this week are Elliot's collection of Malifaux Neverborn figures. Chris and Elliot have decided to start playing Malifaux, and Elliot's choice of faction was driven by the chance to use a big teddy bear!

Although you cant see, not they have been undercoated, Elliot has created some cobblestone bases for his miniatures.

Chris has been working on the additions to his Dark Eldar for several months and they are now finally complete. First up, two units of Scourges.

And a last minute addition to this post, a Succubus to lead the Wyches into battle. This picture is suffering lack of light, but you get the idea. 

As well as painting Dark Eldar, Chris has been building Night Goblins, with the 80 plastic spear goblins now finished, complete with musician and standard bearer conversions. Just the Clubbers and Netters and Spider Riders to do next...

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