Sunday, 22 February 2015

Hobby Round up week 8

Welcome to week 8 of our hobby round up, after a quiet few weeks, this update is full of new and completed projects.
First up this week is Chris who has been on a bit of a construction frenzy. Dave has invested in Dropzone Commander and passed his figures to Chris and Frazer to paint.
Chris has been given the Post-Human Republic, and below are the content of the starter army box, all built and magnetised ready for spraying.
After building 80 plastic Night Goblins, Chris has been constructing the rest of this greenskins, with some Clubbers and Netters and a bakers dozen of Spider Riders


And finally, with Chris and Elliot's inaugural game of Malifaux scheduled for this Wednesday, Chris has constructed his crew of Ten Thunders.

Next up is Frazer; he has been also working on multiple projects. Fist up are some WW2 tanks for Dave, who is representing New Zealand in the coming months.
The tank on the left has been stripped with Biostrip before being painted to match the one on the right. Just the decals to do.
Frazer has also returned to his Dark Elves, here are a small percentage of his collection of Witch Elves. With another Bolt Thrower won on eBay, will we be seeing these guys back in the hut soon?

Next up is Simon who has been working on two different Space Marine chapters. Firstly some Space Wolf Long Fangs.
And some Crimson Fist close combat Terminators.

Simon is another member of the club doing work for Dave, this time is some SMG wielding Brits, a mortar spotter and forward observer.

Finally, a cryptic offering from Neil, what will sit on this base is a mystery, with nothing to scale it against it could be anything. Put your guesses in the comments and we'll see who is closest next week.

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