Friday, 13 February 2015

Games Night

This weeks games night was a two game affair with me and Elliot playing 40k, and Neil, NDM and Simon playing Warhammer Fantasy.
The majority of the of the photos are from the 40k game as that's what I was playing.
My 1500 points of Necrons. This marked their first time out since the release of the new Codex

Elliot deployed his Blood Angels first, spread thinly across the battlefield

The Death company decided not to charge, then the following turn failed their charge, and eventually jumped in!

Three Wraiths vs a Tactical squad. This combat went on for 3 turns, with the Tactical Marines eventually victorious
After wiping out the Wraiths, the Tactical Marines got ready for the Flayed Ones who went on to roll snake eyes for their charge!
After a fast start and a 9-3 victory point lead after four turns, the Blood Angels managed to turn things around and with a point for Line Breaker secured a hard fought draw.
Neil (aided by Next Door Matt) and Simon played Battle for the Pass.
Neil's Empire face off against Simon's Warriors of Chaos

The 'Welsh' Demigryphs get ready to charge the 'English' Chaos
This game also turned out to be a close one with Simon riding the disappointments of slow moving vortexes and the triumphs of the Hellfire Sword.
With Simon heading for a famous victory, his magic item of choice showed its fickle side, killing his Chaos Lord and thus ending the game in a draw.

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