Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Cannon and Wall

Last post from me was quite some time ago. Note to self; stop neglecting the blog...Anyways, I have finished the first of this months selctions, namely my Empire Great Cannon complete with diarama base. Pics are attached.
Similair to Lordy Bloke, I have also been having fun with Magnets since having to overcome the challenge of how the hell I can make my Swordsmen standard bearer stand up. I have enough to think about when I play Fantasy without adding anything else. I came up with the cunning plan of using New Earth disc magnets some time a go and have had 250 4mm x 0.5 mm discs knocking around for a while with this purpose in mind. It was only when having a disturbed morning (Kids....impossible to paint) on Saturday morning that I finally got round to building a centering tool for the figure base and movement tray that the plan came together. Anti Grav Swordsmen attached. Swordsmen and 20 Spearmen are now fully magneted up. 10 Greatswords have also had the treatment but they were a git due to the slot bases. Nothing a drill and some patience didn't cure but still. Talking of Greatswords....on to the number two selection for this month.....


  1. Good work buddy it's all looking good for you this month then, just the great swords to finish.
    Base for the cannon looks awesome.

  2. Bravo now stop messing about with interesting stuff and paint some troops! ;o)