Tuesday, 26 August 2008

Phew, What Skinks!

Well this months quota is done!

30 Skinks including 3 Braves ( the ones with the white crests )

Next stop Terradons!


  1. Have to take your word for it that they're done, I can only see what looks like a picture of a gaseous nebula on the far reaches of our universe.
    Or maybe a terrible shot of some skinks! Those fellows at the back, right appear to not be based fully either, am I right?

    Good news is I've had a cracking night painting! Elves just need gems done (errggh) and basing.

  2. Tis indeed a bad picture,but i couldnt be bothered to take more once id transfered them to the pc.

    Yes at the time of photography the guys at the back hadn't been static grassed.

    They are now all grassed and 100% done.

  3. Well congrats on being first to (officially, on the blog!) finish this months quota.

    No head-starts for next month mind (like that'll stop ya)!

  4. Good work Binx, never thought I'd see you get all 30 done by month end but fair play, only 14 DAYS AFTER I POSTED MY QUOTA FOR THE MONTH. Yes Lordyboy that is in capitals so you can read it a little better!!!! Saying he had posted his 1st!!!!