Sunday, 31 August 2008

You gotta know when to hold em...

...and know when to fold em.

Well despite my full itinerary and even fuller agenda combined with a week long illness I have finished the Corsairs and I am quite pleased. Especially as they are on time and that they look how I wanted. Oh and in case you didn't know when your children go to nursery, school etc the little blighters turn into nurglings.

However there will be no slowing down over the next few weeks and do I have big enough nuts to go for the 15 Spearmen next or should I replace my groin fruit with tictacs and paint a hero or two?


  1. Looking good buddy, I say you go for the 15 spearmen. Get the large numbers outta the way 1st, I'd do the same but seeing as all I have is big units I'm stuck lol.

  2. Good Work!
    Ive got my big unit out the way too, worth doing the same and relaxing as it creeps up to xmas

  3. Good work Mr Zed!
    Particularly liking the cloaks.
    So only one or two outstanding.....including me!
    Gotta go..............