Sunday, 10 August 2008

Hold on Lads, I've got an Ikea.....

Painting has been on hold for me this week due to "project flatpack" which will revamp the 3rd bedroom into a wondrous painting/gaming zone.

About half way through the work at the moment so next weekend could be tricky too. My tale of X gamers plans are falling apart around my ears! A bit like the wardrobes I'm trying to put together (WTB new wardrobe assembly "mate"!). Also my eagle hasn't actually arrived in the post yet! Glurk!

What do you mean this is a rubbish post and I'm just adding this as I haven't posted anything for a while! Thats a very cynical attitude mi-laddo......!!

You'll burn for that!


  1. and you put the picture of your sisters to distract us from your ramblings? ;o)

  2. How about this for a radical idea. paint mid week.

  3. Ah but thats the problem! I have no where to paint at the moment!
    All surfaces covered with boxes etc or just don't exist yet!