Sunday, 31 August 2008

Over the Line!

Made it! Thats all that needs to be said really!

Anyway busy month etc etc meant the deadline loomed large before I was really ready for it (thats deadlines for ya!).

The eagle proved to be a bit tricky. I wanted to avoid "brown" and make it look like it belonged to the same army as the Elves themselves. The brown avoidance has definitely worked but whether it fits in time will tell as the army grows!

Also they really do look better in real life! Cameras/ stark lighting etc! Yeah...whatever!

Next months quota?
Joining the general vibe I'm going for the big unit of spearmen to. None of this 15 man unit though, oh no, 23 for me! I want a proper rank bonus!
Spearmen = 232 pts leaving me 8 points to carry over next month (40 from last month)
or £25.88 (£2.25 from last month) leaves £1.37.
If any of that still matters!


  1. Ooh the pink feathers on the arrows look purdy, as does the fat pigeon :O)

  2. good job. I like the eagle, good choice of colours. You need to back of the mike a bit with the camera. You're giving too much away.

  3. Fair play big guy nice to see the high and mighty softies, as for the feathers on the arrows!!!!!.......Hmmm.....Ummm.....Nice!!!Maybe.....Ok time for the truth, not really liking it but I'm sure they look better in the flesh.

  4. Cheers chaps!
    The arrows are purple in real life, honest! Quite a dark purple too!