Sunday, 4 October 2009

6 of the best

Having been writing the next 40k campaign (well series of story based battles) I've been looking back at what I've got painted and what's left to do.
My 3.5k of Guard are done, my 5k of Necrons have been done for some time, so there's really only my Chaos Marines that are lagging behind.
Looking at what I've already got painted and what I need to do to get to a playable amount of points (1500/1750) I was quite surprised how close I was and set about seeing what I'd need to paint to get to these figures.

At the moment I have my Daemon Prince, 2 squads of Noise Marines in Rhinos and 10 possessed painted, If I add 2 lots of 10 Lesser Daemons and a Daemonically possessed Rhino I'll hit 1500pts bang on.
Works out at 54 models on the board too, a nice Slaaneshi number (9x6 for those struggling)

To go to 1750 I found that I could do it a number of ways and each of them involved adding 6 more models for an extra Slaaneshi 60 models on the board! Either, 6 Bikes, 6 Raptors or 6 Chosen in a Rhino.

So once Marneus Calgar is done, the last of my Lizardmen and those pesky Vampires are out of the way, I'll be moving on to firstly getting to a playable 1500points and then painting the units to get me to 1750.

Let the painting commence and Death to the false Emperor (unless I'm playing Gaurd)

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