Saturday, 31 October 2009

Shady War Ears

Son of Tale of...... month 1 comes to close today and after a frantic bit of painting my shadow warriors are done!
Binx crossed the line about a week ago so we're just waiting for entries from Zed and Cortez that makes it a possible £2 in my and Binx pockets if they fail.
As a minor note any winnings I get from this I'll be buying lottery tickets so If I win I can say "thanks for the £5 million, lads"!

Next month my pledge for Son of... is 10 space hulk genestealers. Need to get them done and out the way!

So, who's in next month?


  1. Good work there....

    Next month I'm in, probably some Daemonettes, exact amount as yet unknown, 10 probably , maybe 20.

  2. hydra done, sent you a photo via phone over a week ago. Just not had time to put a proper photograph up

  3. Not seen it, so just the Tart to pay out then

  4. Who is Ned? Why is he painting your genestealers and does he do comission work?! ; )

  5. Thats what that photo that I've not checked out yet was (no pictures on my phone - old school!).
    I'll check it out!