Friday, 23 October 2009

Simple But Effective

So do we want a Lone Wolves T Shirt or a Blood Bowl Shirt?

I have an image in mind for a club shirt but need to get to a copier before I can present it.  Meanwhile how about this?


  1. Thats simple but effective!
    Although I'm must add I'm largely unbothered by t shirts for BB!
    If we do - great!
    If we don't - doesn't matter!

  2. I think a more generic t shirt that we can add campaign badges to, rather than one for each campaign/ league we run

  3. Good idea Chris, but where do we get the badges from?

  4. Could either be sew on ones like Cub/Scout badges or im sure you can get blank pin on badges we could personalise

  5. and there's my problem cubs