Thursday, 1 October 2009

Baptisim of fire!

I just thought i would give you all an insight of what it is like being a new gamer!
So far...4 games, 1 draw, 3 losses, within the three losses, i have been totally destroyed, thanks to 2 devistator squads! one that came close, and one where i just plain lost!

What i am starting realise....slowly, is that there is so much more to this game than just, Paint, plonk, play....or the 3 P's as i like to call them!
I am starting to find the feel for my orks, and realising that it is like a game of chess but with more green, more dakka and more chopping! It is very easy to see your self winning the game, but then your opponent does something that you didnt want them to, and it can change the game completely! ANd if that doesnt work, then you just keep throwing ones, and 14 dice cant kill one marine in hand to hand!

On top of the gaming, i am slowly but surley getting though the rules, this to me, is far more important than the winning. I dont believe i will ever fully know them all, but just being able to have a flowing game with no simple questions is what i aim for! But still, only 4 weeks in, i think i am getting on ok.

That is all, i hope you enjoyed my thoughts, or my rant! It would be interesting to know if any of you went though the same thing!


  1. Of course! About eight years ago in Frazer's garage three houses ago! I think you are on the right line with the rulebook learning... We all try and do the same thing but but with time constraints and the other games we play there is only so much our brains can hold and we are all always forgetting... That's one of the reasons why we play as a group and keep on shouting at each other during the evening...!

  2. You'll be able to add another loss on this Wed when the might of the Guard turn up....

    Unless I get a better offer ;o)

  3. Excellent to hear your thoughts!
    My intro to gaming was wholly different, 40K wasn't around for starters and GW wasn't quite the dominating force it is today.

    True to say you'll never learn all the rules which is proved on a regular basis with much rulebook leafing!
    Stick at it though!